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Aphiwe and Sobancane

Aphiwe Surprise Moyo, a prodigious young artist hailing from zimnyama, plumtree, is rapidly establishing himself as a captivating force in the music world. Born on December 16, 2007, aphiwe’s extraordinary journey into the realm of music was ignited by an unexpected partnership with his blind guitar-strumming uncle, Sobancane.
Aphiwe, currently immersed in his form 2 studies, stumbled into his musical destiny during leisure moments spent next door with Sobancane. What began as casual strumming sessions soon evolved into something truly remarkable. The world took notice when an unplugged video of Aphiwe and so Aphiwe and Sobancane’s heartfelt rendition of “Inhliziyo yami” went viral, resonating deeply with audiences across
the digital landscape. Sobancane’s profound musicianship, despite his visual impairment caused by a medical condition, adds a layer of uniqueness to their collaboration. The story took an extraordinary twist when Thabo, a South African poet, became a conduit for their artistry, connecting them with them with Handy Sibanda. This encounter marked the turning point, propelling their raw talent onto a larger stage.