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Chipo Muchegwa is a young Zimbabwean artist born on the 9th of April in 1992 and is from a small town outside Harare called Norton in Zimbabwe.Chipo was born with a  disability and is a  proud mother of 1 lovely daughter,To get around she uses a wheelchair and she is able to do a her day-to-day chores herself.Chipo writes her on songs her most powerful instrument is her sharp voice , she featured on startbright in 2016, that’s when she decided to get into music professionally, though she had been singing since childhood her first project called Ndizvozvandiri  was recorded at Monolio Studio by Mono Mkundu in 2016 since then she kept on doing more projects with different producers. In June 2022 she met Tichaona Terrence Green a.k.a.Terry Gee they started working on a single called Ndezvemoyo they collaborated and released it on the 29th June 2022 it became a hit and it reached 1.9 million views on youtube and it became a  hit in Zimbabwe.They followed  with another single called Makafanana  on  23rd of December 2022 it became a hit again reaching 2 million views on youtube again and a hit in Zimbabwe Currently she working on her solo Album and she is holding live shows around Zimbabwe  She has a band and staff members