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Takudzwa Terrence Musakasa

Takudzwa Terrence Musakasa also known as Taque Remzy is a visual content creator, graphic designer and musician from Zimbabwe. He is the founder of CloutBase, a youth-led organisation that markets upcoming artists and businesses. Cloutbase also focuses on bringing entertainment, culture and lifestyle news to the people. He also works as a graphic designer at Magamba Network, a creative and digital media organization. He has been nominated for several awards in entertainment journalism and media. Musakasa is also a climate advocate and a social activist. He has worked with various organizations to raise awareness and take action on environmental and social issues. He is also a youth president at the Dzivarasekwa Extension United Methodist Youth Fellowship. Remzy is also a hip hop, RnB and afropop musician. He has released several songs and collaborated with other artists. He is a fan of hip-hop music and often shares his opinions and reviews on his social media platforms.Taque Remzy is an inspiration to many young people in Zimbabwe and beyond. He aims to be a world recognised entertainment journalist and make a positive impact on the world.

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