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Gemma Griffiths

It would be incomplete to talk about the Zimbabwean music scene of today without a mention of afro-fusion star Gemma Griffiths. A household name in her home country with 4 ZIMA’s (Zimbabwe Music award) under her belt, she also counts another two awards from one of the southern African country ’s top radio stations – starfm, and a string of nominations for the prestigious NAMA (national art merits), mama’s (Mtv Africa) and
afrimma awards. In short, Gemma, who grew up in Harare, zimbabwe’s vibrant capital,
has been putting in the work.

A loving and musical home provided the backdrop to her youth and the daughter of a conservationist – Gemma recalls always being surrounded by both music and community.

“my grandmother was a classically trained pianist and my grandfather played
Clarinet, so there were always instruments in the house and the opportunity to learn.
My first solo performance was at 6 and I knew as early as then that I just wanted to
sing. I never wavered,” she shares.